Playout Automation (Tv/Radio)

Playout Automation

Software Defined Television

Real-time playout server and multi-channel broadcast automation software

The days of proprietary broadcast hardware are over. Standardized software running on commodity IT equipment, in virtual machines or the cloud is how it’s done.Realize the operational and cost benefits of moving to software based solutions now at Qubic_tv network we can help you organization to find the better infrastructure running different program for archiving, editing, ingesting, playout and production, monitoring, news, transcoding, and other workflows.

Delivering a channel is complex with many interconnected elements costing money, requiring management and needing maintenance. We at Qubic_tv we are dedicated to bring the necessary tools helping you to simplify these challenges by supporting single or multiple channels embedded with a bundle of features in a single box.

Our business is Scalable, affordable and quick to deploy.

As we are growing in the field, different clients, owners of TV channels have trusted us and get their business done, more and more we provide quality in our services thus our vision of an entirely software defined future of television. Need more teasing: SDI-to-IP migration, streaming, multi-channel all already included with no extra cost.